Procurement and purchasing

The purchase and supply of custom parts, wiring components and electronic components are key points in our industry today.

In order to develop synergy, we pool all of our purchases from the different production sites and then we distribute them according to production flows. The client’s project is therefore managed in its entirety and he will be able to ensure the purchase from the listed suppliers.

Each production site then has an operational team to make supplies. With the aim of being ever more responsive, the vision of stocks is global and then allows you to save time in procurement, whether on MtC production sites or from foreign subsidiaries.

To give some figures, MtC is between 15 and 20M€ of purchases per year distributed among the main families below:

  • Wiring / Cables (more than 20 cable manufacturers in our panel): 15% of supplier turnover
  • Cabling accessories (more than 30 manufacturers in our panel): 10% of supplier turnover
  • Connectivity (more than 20 manufacturers in our panel): 20% of supplier turnover
  • Sheet metal work / Machining (more than 15 players in our panel): 15% of supplier turnover
  • Distributor (more than 25 sectors in our panel): 30% of supplier turnover

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