Creation of wiring kit

MtC produces wiring kits to facilitate the wiring of electrical cabinets and boxes.

Based on your electrical diagrams and installation standards, our design office converts this data into wiring lists.

These lists will be used directly by:

  • Our wiring units for making kits
  • Your teams for wiring the boxes without the need to use electrical diagrams

Our solutions for complete wiring kits and harnesses offer numerous advantages:

  • Economy
  • Speed
  • Quality (automated machines)
  • Homogeneity of achievements

In order to best respond to your requests, our company recently equipped itself with a second Komax brand Wirework Unit.

We can create the following wire kits:

  • Wire section 0.5 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Marking on wire in black or white ink, or other color on request
  • Any color wiring, with or without halogen
  • Automated presses for terminals and ends with open or closed barrel
  • Two Komax Ara and Zeta 633 L Flexible Wiring Units
  • Wire and cable cutting
  • Strippers (up to 200 mm²)
  • Marking/registration by ink or by sleeves
  • Wire and cable crimping
  • Traction control on electrical wires
  • Macrographic analysis equipment

Our other services

You have a project? We have solutions!

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