Carrying out studies

At MtC, our commitment is to offer high quality services, to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, and to support our clients in a personalized manner throughout their projects. Our goal is to provide solid technical expertise and reliable advice to ensure the success of each project.

  1. Assessment of technical requirements: We carefully review the customer specifications to understand the specific technical requirements of the project. This may include details of the equipment to be integrated, performance standards, security requirements, space constraints, interfaces with other systems, etc.
  2. Carrying out costings and quotes: We also offer costing services for projects. By carefully analyzing specific needs and evaluating component and labor costs. Our goal is to ensure a clear and accurate budget estimate, allowing clients to make informed decisions for their projects.
  3. Design of electrical diagrams: Our team of experts develops detailed electrical diagrams for cabinets and electrical boxes. We take into account the
    technical specifications, current safety standards, as well as specific project requirements. Our electrical diagrams are clear, precise and conform to industry best practices. We use several tools: Eplan, Autocad, ZWCAD and See Electrical.
  4. Feasibility studies: We carry out feasibility studies to assess the technical, economic and environmental viability of a project. We analyze the constraints
    regulatory requirements, potential risks and associated costs. Based on these analyses, we help our clients make informed decisions about whether to continue or adjust their projects.
  5. Project management: We offer project management services to ensure the smooth running of the work. We plan the different stages, coordinate the parts
    stakeholders, monitor the progress of the project, control costs and ensure compliance with current standards and regulations. Our goal is to optimize the
    resources, meet deadlines and guarantee customer satisfaction.
  6. Technical Support: We also offer technical support services to our customers. Our team is available to provide technical support and respond to questions
    questions from our clients throughout the project implementation process.

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